In-Home Electrical Safety Audit

THIS death trap was discovered in a local home where not only two adults reside, but also a baby and a 3 year old

The above powerpoint might look pretty harmless to you (it did to me!).

But to a sparky this is a sight of true horror.

It is in no uncertain terms- a death trap. 

This was found last year in a home where not only two adults reside, but also a baby and 3 year old.

It was at the perfect height for prying, exploratory eyes and hands, and could have ended in disaster if discovered by said eyes and hands!

This horrific discovery inspired us to create our SIGNATURE SERVICE-

The In-Home Electrical Safety Audit

For just $110 (less than a standard call out fee), we will come to your home and :

  • conduct a switchboard safety analysis
  • test all safety switches
  • check all smoke alarms
  • answer any of your pending safety questions AND
  • anything else you might like doing electrically*-
    • Install extra power points
    • Upgrade to USB power points
    • Update smoke alarms
    • Upgrade fans
    • Change lighting options & so much more!

*these will be charged accordingly, however you will save on call out fees (usually $140 plus GST)

I’m sure you’ll agree with us that you cannot put a price on the safety of our loved ones.

It is always a troubling experience for us to encounter electrical situations in the home that could potentially cause great harm, or even death.

We would like to make a difference in this department!

Call us on 0438 334 390 or 0421332243 to arrange your In- Home Electrical Safety Audit

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Bridget Thompson